Why We’ve Never Strayed From Our Signature One-piece Skate

Designed for your feet – not the shelf, the TRUE Pro Custom Skate offers a unique experience for each skater. Bypassing modifications to a preexisting boot, these skates are often imitated but never duplicated, enhancing your playing ability with state of the art patented technologies and unique player customization.

What You’re Used To What the TRUE Pro Custom Skate Offers
A painful skating experience due to improper sized boots and lack of ankle support. Our skates are built from the inside out using a custom 3D foot last shaped to an individual player’s foot. Designed to lock in the foot via a custom fit rather than the manipulation of an existing boot, it’s so comfortable that it fits like a second skin.
An ill-fitting two-piece boot that doesn’t take into account your foot’s irregularities. Thermoformed to mimic the unique shape of a player’s foot the patented carbon fiber one-piece skate lets player’s focus on their performance, undistracted by pain.
A bulky, two-piece skate that is held together with heavy materials such as glue and nails. Eliminating the need for external materials and bonding, our one-piece skate provides player’s with a sleek, lightweight boot that amplifies their stride speed and accuracy.
A two-piece skate with ample wiggle room around the toes resulting in little protection and inconsistent performance. Formed with the monocoque shell, the patented TRUE ToeCap provides superior comfort and unrivalled protection for greater durability, comfort, and control.

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