TRUE + Scott Van Horne

With more than 25 years of experience in handcrafting performance-driven skates, Scott Van Horne delivers power, fit, and protection in the TRUE Pro Custom Skate. Precision crafted for your feet - not the shelf, these pro-grade skates offer a high performance, pain-free skating experience unmatched by any other.

Welcome to the evolution in skate design.

Scott Van Horne Scott Van Horne

Holding a bachelor’s of Science Degree and Masters in Biomechanics from the University of Calgary, former Canadian National team speed skater Scott Van Horne is the brain behind the new TRUE Pro Custom skate. Years of research and a refusal to accept sore feet and less than optimal performance as synonymous with skating led Scott to perfecting a monocoque skate design, and ultimately, a skate so comfortable that it fits like a second skin on your foot. A skate that is truly FIT for PERFORMANCE.

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