Swing Weight

Innovation Never Stops

TRUE Hockey’s innovative approach to engineering hockey sticks has lead to some of the greatest advancements in hockey stick technology. A concept more commonly associated with golf, Swing Weight is the perceived weight of the stick. By redistributing the balance point on the stick’s shaft towards the player’s bottom hand, the stick feels significantly lighter — allowing players to shoot faster and harder, without compromising strength or durability.

TRUE Hockey is dedicated to advancing your game by engineering sticks that improve SHOT SPEED, POWER and DURABILITY; No Compromises.

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The Science

  • As the stick rotates across
    the body, a natural resistance occurs in this “moment
    of inertia”.

  • When the weight of the stick is shifted towards the player's grip, the “moment of inertia”, or the resistance felt by the
    player, is reduced.

  • With reduced resistance, the stick plays lighter, granting faster, harder shots, and more agile stick handling.

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Speed Through Less Resistance

With reduced resistance, players can swing with more speed, maximizing shot power.

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Mobility Through Mass

By focusing the distribution of weight towards the player’s grip on the stick, players experience increased agility, mobility, and puck control.

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Endurance Through Efficiency

By optimizing the stick’s balance point, players swing and stick handle with less resistance, conserving more energy throughout the span of a game.

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