• An Evolution in Skate Design.

    Our patented TRUE MonoForm, monocoque design yields more direct power transfer and unmatched control while in stride or using your edges.

  • Finally, a Pain Free Skating Experience.

    Built from the inside out using a custom 3D foot last shaped to the individual skater's foot, our thermoformed boot locks in the foot, eliminating loss of energy and producing unrivalled power, comfort, and control.

  • Optimized For Any Type of Skater.

    The patented TRUE tendon guard provides optimized flexibility and stability in every stride for a more direct and fluid power transfer.

  • Ultimate Fit, Comfort And Protection.

    Formed with the monocoque shell, the patented TRUE ToeCap provides superior comfort and unrivalled protection.

  • Perfect Skating Position.

    The strategically placed eyelets unlock an optimized knee-forward position, facilitating natural and more direct energy transfer and maximum power in every stride.

  • Lightweight And Durable.

    The antimicrobial and hydrophobic liner wicks moisture to the venting holes to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

  • Stay in the game.

    Averaging 18 seconds per holder, BenchChange technology allows for fast blade replacement via TRUE’s magnetized blade change tool provided with each pair of skates.

  • Best in class edge control.

    Made in Canada with only the finest raw materials, the best-in-class StepSteel blade carves through the ice with precision and power.

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