A Series

Perfect for players looking for a lightweight blade that has extreme durability and unmatched performance.


Weight 155g
Curves TC2, TC4, MC, HCS
  • Weight
  • Curves
  • 155
  • TC2, TC4, MC, HCS
  • close

    The 2020 AX9 incorporates our patented BRT+ technology in the blade design for a stronger, lighter blade with increased heel durability – outperforming its predecessor in strength and consistency.

Player Benefits


The A6.0 SBP blade incorporates TRUE Hockey’s BRT blade technology, producing the longest lasting and most consistent blade we’ve ever made. The benefit is that it offers the player extreme impact strength and durability.


TRUE engineers were able to remove 10 grams of weight from current high-end blade designs, resulting in a durable, lightweight stick with an unparalleled feel.


Extremely lightweight and composed of a full carbon twill weave, this blade is the favourite choice of professionals, offering an extremely quick puck release when paired with the A6.0 SBP shaft.

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