Get a free pair of TRUE Hockey replacement palms with purchase of A6.0 SBP PRO or XC9 PRO Gloves


Memphis, TN – Released in April 2016, TRUE Hockey’s revolutionary ZPalm interchangeable palm technology is taking the hockey market by storm.

Designed to fit the A6.0 SBP PRO and XC9 PRO glove models, TRUE Hockey has created 5 distinct replacement palms to customize the players’ gloves and optimize their game:

  • Z-Stnd, the best choice for all types of players, providing unmatched comfort.
  • Z-Pro, the #1 palm chosen by NHL players, designed for ultimate feel.
  • Z-Grip, built for superior control and stick-handling.
  • Z-Fit, a durable choice that still offers optimal flexibility.
  • Z-Power, a long-lasting palm with intense durability.

With an easy-to-follow zipper, players can change their palms within seconds, or mix and match pairs to best enhance their skills. Called a game-changer in the hockey equipment category, TRUE Hockey’s ZPalm gloves have already been the subject of rave reviews! Hear what the guys over at HockeyTutorial had to say when they tested out all 5 palms.

From now until August 31, 2016, customers who purchase a pair of A6.0 SBP PRO or XC9 PRO gloves in-store or online will receive a FREE pair of Z-Pro replacement palms to enjoy an elite playing experience.

For a closer look, visit our Gloves page here.

TRUE Hockey’s XC9 PRO and A6.0 SBP PRO gloves with ZPalm technology and replacement palms are now available at authorized TRUE Hockey retailers. Become a fan of TRUE Hockey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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