5 Things You Should Know About the A6.0 SBP Stick

Hockey stick shopping is never an easy task: the options are limitless when it comes to the fit, play, and weight distribution. Built for the player seeking natural explosive power from any shooting position, we’ve unveiled the new TRUE A6.0 SBP stick.

What makes the TRUE A6.0 SBP stick the cream of the crop? Here’s 5 things you should know:

  1. Braided Rib Technology for Superior Strength  
  • Built with our new BRT+ blade technology, we’ve produced a lighter, more durable blade that allowed us to distribute weight into the shaft for extreme impact strength and overall durability of the stick. Getting right to the point: it’s the strongest, most consistent blade to ever hit the TRUE roster!
  1. Axenic Technology for Optimal Balance
  • Our industry-leading one-piece Axenic construction allows for optimized weight distribution throughout the stick for unmatched balance and feel.
  1. SmartFlex Technology for Optimized Energy Loading
  • With a flex point just below the bottom hand, you get a stiffer bottom third of the shaft for easier loading and powerful slap shots, making you the power shooter of the squad.  
  1. Innovative Engineering: The Science of Swing Weight
  • When it comes to sticks, lighter doesn’t necessarily mean better. Swing Weight is not directly related to the weight of a stick, but rather how the weight of the stick feels during play. A stick with balanced weight distribution creates a lighter feel, better durability, and quicker more powerful shots.
  1. Our Strongest Stick Yet
  • With our improved TRUE technologies, the all-new A6.0 SBP stick has a 20% greater shaft impact strength over its predecessor.

Making strides in the NHL, watch out for TRUE Pros like Mike Hoffman and Jakob Chychrun, firing up the ice with their new A6.0 SBP sticks! Available now. Find a retailer near you.

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